KisanPlus - Product for Commission Agents at Marketing Yard

This software is developed into GUJARATI interface. The software follows all the rules & commission structure of marketing yard.

LIMS - Library Information Management System

LIMS - Library Information Management System

This product is specially made for Schools & Colleges where library is being used by Students & Teachers.

POS - Point of Sele

POSByRadix - Point of Sale

The software is designed & developed with unique concept to make full use of computerization for your organization.

RBS - Restaurant Billing System

RBS - Restaurant Billing System

A state-of-the-art software developed for restaurants with all the functionalities of restaurant. Available in English & Gujarati.

StuReg Pro - Student Registration System

StuReg Pro will help your esteemed organization for efficiently organizing student records, fee processing & maintain examination records.

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Radix InfoTech is a computer professional software development and database management firm offering affordable software. We develop software for inventory control, at the same time to the needs of the individual and offer services for personal website.

We have proven expertise in software development in the field of data processing services and website related services such as design, hosting and promotion. Our products are designed to improve efficiency of end-user by eliminating unnecessary steps during data entry and processing, managing database, minimize gap due to non-availability of information at the time to made tractable decision. All of our team members from the designers to the software engineers, including the project manager and business analyst, are highly skilled and experienced.

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